Simone Biles in $120 Wedding Dress Blasted for Unkempt Hair – Olympic Star ‘Hungry’ During Childhood Responds

Simon Biles is officially Mrs. Owens after she wed NFL player Jonathan Owens in an intimate ceremony with just a judge present to officiate. The blissful couple shared their wedding snaps on social media for their fans.

Biles is a renowned USA gymnast with 7 Olympic medals to her name. Meanwhile, Owens humbly calls himself “a kid from St. Louis” on his Instagram bio but he also has quite an impressive resume for himself.

After attending Christian Brothers College High School, Owens studied at the Missouri Western State University to pursue a football career.

While in his senior year, he was named Male Student-Athlete of the Year. After graduation, he joined the 2018 NFL Draft where he became a free agent.

Owens went to the Arizona Cardinals as an undrafted free agent after the 2018 NFL Draft. However, he never made his rookie debut— he injured his knee during practice before the season began.

Now, Owens plays for the Houston Texans in the position of Safety. Biles has been his biggest fan, always cheering him on during his NFL games.

The couple met through a dating app in 2020, where Biles made the first move. They got to know one another more throughout the pandemic, making their relationship rock solid.

By February 2022, the pair got engaged, and Biles claimed that saying yes to Owens’ marriage proposal was the easiest “yes” she’s ever said. It took over a year of planning before they made it to their intimate wedding.

The Reason for Their Simple Wedding
Many were surprised that the Owens chose a simple wedding with just a judge in attendance. The couple clarified that they were planning a bigger destination wedding at the moment and wanted to get married in the US first.

The newlyweds were over the moon over their nuptials, so they quickly shared their exclusive wedding photos with their fans on social media. The images showed how happy they were to be one in marriage, featuring poses often seen in your typical wedding.

Biles chose to dress simply for their courthouse wedding. She wore a white tiered midi dress worth $120 and shoes worth $35, which she bought on sale.

Since posting about her wedding outfit, the pieces have reportedly been flying off the shelves. Fans raved about her simple yet elegant look and wanted a piece of it for themselves.

Admittedly, the bride said she ordered everything on the week of her wedding – from her dress, shoes, wedding bands, and even her bouquet. She said she didn’t prepare for the civil wedding as much as she was preparing for their destination wedding.

After exchanging their vows, the lovely couple had a simple photoshoot in several locations. They posed in an elegant-looking elevator, and on a building rooftop for some post-nuptial photos.

But while Biles earned praise for her outfit, she was also criticized for her hair. In now-deleted tweets, people claimed her hair looked “unkempt,” and others suggested she “should’ve laid the edges” and “could’ve at least gotten a lace in front.”

The comments sparked a debate between those who attacked her and those who defended her. But ultimately, Biles spoke up.

Seeing the comments about her hair had gone out of hand, Biles took to her Twitter and tweeted:

“I think they also forget I live in HOUSTON TEXAS & I sweat those out!! soon as we stepped outside for pics. But they can keep complaining idc idc idc.”

Biles wrote her response under a kind fan’s comment defending her, saying there were so many things to celebrate in Biles’ life, yet critics chose to slam her for her hair. Many others echoed the kind fan’s sentiments and told Biles not to focus on the haters.

The Owens didn’t announce when exactly their big day was going to be. However, Biles hinted that it was going to happen in a few weeks, which is why they decided to rush their US wedding.

Biles spent months planning her big wedding. She had two gowns made by Israeli designer Galia Lahav. As if that wasn’t extravagant enough, the gymnast revealed she’d be wearing a total of four dresses in her destination wedding.

Their big day came in May 2023, when The Owens said their vows in Cabo, Mexico, in front of 144 guests.

Biles Overcame Many Obstacles before Her Marriage
It hasn’t been easy for Biles growing up, having been under immense pressure as one of the country’s best gymnasts. Biles was born in Ohio on March 14, 1997, to her mother who struggled with substance abuse, and her father who left them when she was young.

For most of her early life, Biles and her three siblings were often left without proper care and nutrition. They were constantly hungry, as her mom chose to feed a stray cat in their home rather than her children.

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Simone Biles in $120 Wedding Dress Blasted for Unkempt Hair – Olympic Star ‘Hungry’ During Childhood Responds
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