Beloved actor from ‘James at 16’ and ‘Salem’s Lot’ found dead at 62

Actor Lance Kerwin, best known for his roles in the TV drama James at 16, which originally screened on NBC as James at 15, and the Stephen King miniseries Salem’s Lot, died Tuesday, January 24 in San Clemente, California.


The news of Kerwin’s passing has been confirmed by his daughter Savannah Paige, whom he had with ex-wife Kristen Lansdale.

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Savannah took to Facebook to announce her father’s death and wrote, “I am so sorry to those we have not been able to reach out to personally to notify but Lance Kerwin passed away yesterday morning.”

She continued her post, “We appreciate all the kind words, memories, and prayers that have been shared. As the coming weeks progress, I will share more information about after life ceremonies. He loved each and every one of you.”

A cause of that hasn’t been provided yet, but what is known is that Kerwin, who was most prolific as a child actor in the 1970s, was found “unconscious.”



Kerwin first appeared on screen when he was 13 in an episode of Emergency!

Being the youngest of five siblings and born to a father who was an acting coach and a mother who worked as a talent agent, it seemed that a career in the world of entertainment was written in the stars for talented Kerwin who turned into a heartthrob adored by many.

Other notable roles he played were those in Little House on the PrairiePolice StoryGunsmoke, and The Family Holvak.

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Kerwin’s acting career ended in the 1990s, with his last role in the 1995 thriller Outbreak, but in 2022, he returned to the film industry for a small role in The Wind & the Reckoning.


Our thoughts and prayers are with the grieving family. May he rest in peace.

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Beloved actor from ‘James at 16’ and ‘Salem’s Lot’ found dead at 62
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