The beautiful Veronica Castro is 69 years old: what does she look like and what is Wild Rose doing now?

Many viewers remembered her from such series as “Wild Rose” and “The Rich also cry.” Then she was very young, and now this legendary actress is 69 years old.

Veronica was born on October 19, 1952 in Mexico City, except for her there were 2 brothers and a sister in the family, the family lived poorly, after the departure of their father they had a hard time. My mother worked as a secretary at the university.

Veronika is short, only 153 cm, and because of this she suffered bullying at school, she was called fat and short. Then, in her youth, the girl decided to take up her appearance, she lost a lot of weight and even took part in a beauty contest, and then began to perform in school plays and concerts.

In 1970, Veronica won the “Face of the Year” contest and since then she has been invited to television as a presenter, and then as an actress. She also began to play in the theater, and over time she had a main goal in life — to become famous and escape from poverty and misery.

She has a new hobby – singing, which has grown into something more. After a while, Castro was already giving concerts.

Veronika has been acting in movies since she was 19, her debut role was in the TV series “Love has a woman’s face”. In total, her filmography includes more than 40 films and TV series.

“The rich also cry” is an unforgettable serial classic, if the plot has long been forgotten, then the names of the main characters have been etched into memory for a long time: Marianne and Luis Alberto. The series itself was filmed in 1979, and we broadcast it in 1991.

And, of course, if you remember “Wild Rose” and “Rich People Cry too”, then you probably know that the soundtracks to the screensavers of the series were sung by Castro herself.

Veronika stopped her career in 2018, after the release of the TV series “House of Flowers”.

The personal life of the actress did not work out, but this did not prevent her from having children. She has two beautiful sons – Christian (46 years old), who became a singer, and Michel (36 years old) — became a director.

Castro came to Russia in 1992 to record the program “Meeting with Rose”. And on her second visit — in 2010 – she sang in the show “Minute of Glory” and became a member of the jury of that issue.

At the moment Veronica Castro is the owner of a network of perfume and beauty salons and she has her own brand of cosmetics “Veronica Castro”.

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The beautiful Veronica Castro is 69 years old: what does she look like and what is Wild Rose doing now?
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