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Parent’s devastating decision – forced to pull the plug on 13-year-old daughter after sleepover horror
Devastated parents forced to pull the plug on their 13-year-old daughter after sleepover horror. They’
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Simone Biles in $120 Wedding Dress Blasted for Unkempt Hair – Olympic Star ‘Hungry’ During Childhood Responds
Simon Biles is officially Mrs. Owens after she wed NFL player Jonathan Owens in an intimate ceremony
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This was a snack when I was growing up!
I was a child in England in the 1950s and 60s, and we didn’t really have snacks. We had meals, which
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Susan Lucci shares health update after two grueling surgeries
Dubbed ‘Daytime’s Leading Lady,’ actress Susan Lucci has had an astounding career as an actress and a TV host.
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The Sprouse Twins today: Inside their life now, at 30
Dylan and Cope Sprouse have been in the spotlight almost all their lives. When they were just 8 months
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Uncommon images of Princess Diana, one of the most photographed people on Earth
Known as the People’s Princess because of her nurturing and compassionate nature, as well as love for
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Little Braylee’s story shows how life-changing an organ donation can be
Parents-to-be only have one wish, for their little baby to be welcomed into the world healthy.
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House looks beautiful – but people refuse to buy it because of what they see inside
In matters of taste there can be no disputes, they say, and we can’t agree more, because the truth is
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Reasons behind Kevin Coster’s wife of nearly 19 years Christine Baumgartner filing for divorce finally come to light
Yellowstone star Kevin Costner and his wife of nearly 19 years are divorcing. The news came as a shock
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The 10-year-old darling dazzles the audience with her ‘Hallelujah’ ice dance.
Just wait until you see Veronika Zilina’s captivating performance. Her beauty, skill, and pageantry will
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Their spectacular dance has been viewed by 131 million people. They are incredible!!!
This music video comprising cover songs and visuals of the dancers was created for pleasure and distraction.
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A 10-year-old cowboy’s dream is shattered when his hero pays him a surprise visit.
As part of a school project in Las Vegas, two young boys shared their dream of becoming professional
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Beloved actor from ‘James at 16’ and ‘Salem’s Lot’ found dead at 62
Actor Lance Kerwin, best known for his roles in the TV drama James at 16, which originally screened on
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“The Girl Who Became a Man”: What Does The Daughter Of The Singer Cher, Who Became a Man 9 Years Ago, Look Like Now!
Cher’s real name is Sherilyn Bono Allman, and this spring she celebrated her 73rd birthday.  
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First place With 49 million views, the Boogie Woogie dance breaks records.
Bracing in boogie woogie, lindy hop, and solo swinging dancing styles is a good and useful technique